Dimitris Naiplis (N_Grams) was born in 1980 in Ptolemaida, Greece. 
He is an Athens based visual artist working on a wide variety of media 
and artistic techniques, including sketches, wall painting, public interventions/installations, street art, collages and graphic design. 
He has presented his artistic work in numerous group shows in Greece and cultural festivals around the world. N_Grams started with graffiti back in 1993, when graffiti in Greece was in a very early stage. Street art, from now and then, is his main (but not the only one) creative field, where his ideas become reality. Always attracted by the streets, the direct communication and the unlimited possibilities that public space can offer to a creator, he has created public artworks, unstoppable and with awareness. His main purpose as an artist is the continuous creativity and evolution. 
In the last years, he experimented with several materials including, newspapers, structure and constraction materials, fabric, spays, wood 
and the material list always renewed.